At an International Airport

I was on my way back to Thailand from visiting family in Canada. I noticed a ‘sign’ in the airport - Religious Room. I had never known there were such rooms in airports. I felt I needed to quiet my mind and to meditate before taking a long trip back to Thailand. I walked in and was relieved that there was no one else around. It was however rather dull looking. A grey rug with various coffee stains, rusty chairs, and pale walls with scuffmarks on them.  But, it was quiet. I meditated for 20 minutes then felt compelled to do a few standing yoga postures.  After15 minutes of stretching I looked behind me and there on the floor was a bright orange feather!  I thought,  ‘there was no way that feather was there when I entered the room, I would have noticed it against the dull decor and here it is now!’  Wow!  I had a little laugh though when I saw the orange feather because it was not “real” if you know what I mean.  It was like an arts and crafts feather, or a feather from a hat. I felt my Angels were reminding me to keep a sense of humour in regards to my life and my return to Thailand. As well to remember that magic is everywhere!

Denise Bertrand