What is AIR?

An Angel Intuitive Reading (AIR) helps bring clarity and support to harmonize your mind, body and spirit.

AIR helps you to more clearly receive and trust your own Angel Intuitive guidance.

AIR offers guidance for your questions on career, family, health, relationships or life purpose.

AIR is conducted in privacy and oracle cards may be used.

AIR does not 'promote' any religious belief system. 

Sometimes in our busy lives, our ‘mental pollution’, our inability to manage our thoughts and feelings, and our disconnect from our personal sacred space, prevents us from hearing the soft whispers of Angel Intelligence, which we all naturally have available to us.

Feather – is able to diffuse‘this fog’ and help you to re-align with your Angels ‘whispers’.  Her gentle, sensitive and sometimes humorous way connects you back to the loving presence of your Angels, so you can have a revived relationship with them.

Feather has been giving Angel Intuitive Readings since 2009. Go to Testimonials.