It’s time for a different kind of flight.

Angels live among us. Sometimes they hide
their wings, but there is no disguising
the peace and hope they bring if you
practice listening to their whispers.
You say you cannot see Angels. But can you see your thoughts, your feelings, your life? No, but you do not doubt their existence. When we try to cultivate the consciousness of divine life which penetrates all things, you will sense the presence of Angelic Beings all around you. These beings manifest every time you experience moments of great spiritual intensity. Certain mystical emotions, certain qualities of silence, certain vibrations in the atmosphere of a room in which you have just been praying and or meditating; all these are manifestations of Angelic beings. What we see is nothing more than the outer shell of things. The essence is always invisible. So you may not see Angels, but you will sense their presence, and this sensation is something you cannot doubt. That is what life is: vibrations and currents that circulate throughout space.
An abstract from
Omraam Mikael Aivanhov - Daily Meditations 2018

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