Washed Feather?

There is always a tactile child like feeling of wonder when I am creating a Newsletter. Today was no exception. From the sensing of the presence of a beautiful soul Natacha Kolesar, who was my mentor, friend and so much more (https://www.air-feather.com/blog/2019/2/10/washed-feather/to read about her) to the ten doves that visited today and then the washed feather.

I did two loads of washing today. I washed the coverlet that protects my feather pillow in the first load of whites. The second load of darker colours was a mix of items, including my scrubs I wear to work with the elderly. As i had to go to work this afternoon, I did not fold my scrubs just laid them on the bed as I would be putting them on later. I folded the rest of the clothes. An hour before having to go to my client, I got into my scrubs, did my usual grooming and then noticed what I thought was some lint on the ‘heart’ pocket of the uniform top. I was ‘dusting it off’ but it did not move. I looked closer and saw it to be something white, sticking out of the seam of the pocket. I pulled gently and out came a white feather! I said to myself, how did it get there? I always try and figure it out - logically, but with Angels there is often no rhyme or reason, they just give us signs when they want us to feel their presence. I was touched as I felt it was a supportive feather for me to continue to write the February Newsletter. I mention the washing earlier, for those who want to imagine (like I did I must admit) that the feather somehow exited the coverlet in the first wash and then perhaps deposited in the dryer later to be picked up by my uniform top and somehow passed through the tight seam of the pocket to show a little of itself to me. Really? That was it’s journey? And no, I did not find this feather earlier and put it in that pocket. So when we give up our need to explain things away, we walk back in wonder like a child. Thank you Angels! I needed this sign!

Denise Bertrand