Putting on the Brakes

In October of 2017 I was driving with a friend from BC to Ontario. It was our first day on the road. My friends daughter and her partner were also driving with us, but in another vehicle.  We were only driving for 2 hours when the first winter storm of Alberta came upon us. I was driving behind an eighteen wheeler. The weight of this truck made it easier for me to follow in its tracks, as the road path was clearer. The truck then turned. It seemed at that moment the snow was falling more rapidly.  We had only summer tires on the vehicle. About two minutes after following the truck, I could feel the road underneath was getting real slippery and then....the car started sliding to the right.  I immediately shouted very loud  "ANGELS!". Needless to say my friend was shocked at how loud I had spoken the name of the Angels. She was also bracing herself as the deep ditch was fast approaching on her side!  Then the car just stopped!  Right there on the edge of the ditch. We couldn't move. The snow was really blowing, 80 mile an hour winds were howling. About 5 minutes later a tow truck coming from the opposite direction, pulled us out and gave us the news..."the police have just shut down this highway - please turn back - you will never make it going forward - as the eye of the storm is up ahead". I knew in that moment that the Angels had orchestrated all that had just transpired, to keep us safe. 

Denise Bertrand