Special offer for JULY and AUGUST 2019 

It’s summer time in Canada! Make me an offer. What can you afford to share with me as I share with you? I value my work at 80$ per session (not hour) often the session goes over an hour. Do you have a trade that you think I might like? Make a suggestion. If I value what you have to offer, than we have a trade. Make me an offer for JULY and AUGUST. It’s summer time and the living is easy. Skype is easy too, if you can’t see me in person.

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Always on offer - A Poem for You or a loved one

Poetry for a loved one or yourself! All I need is your or their name and birthday. These inspired poems bring guidance and joy. One can read them like a personal prayer. For the month of March as well, if you Request a Poem and a Reading the price is only 10$ Otherwise a Poem is 15$. It will be delivered via email to you. Go to Request A Service

Here is a Poem testimony from Paula Lofthouse-Aldi from Windsor Ontario.

Dear Feather
Wow! Wave after wave of electrical energy shot through my body as I read this amazing poem created for me. It’s perfect for the Paula I am at this moment in my life’s journey.  
With gratitude, wishing you many blessings 

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Go to Request a Service to book your appointment or gift certificate.

 For 1st Time Clients:  Simply...let's talk

  • Are you a little hesitant about committing to a full Reading?

  • Would you like to build trust with Feather and her abilities to receive messages for you?

  • Do you need a quick answer for a pounding question?

  • Do you need a boost of faith?


Talk with Feather for 20 minutes via Skype, or Phone. A lot can be revealed in this amount of time.

Cost: Only 25$.  Go to Request a Service to book your appointment.  

Service for Clients who have already received a Reading

Follow UP Angel Therapy Session

At the Request of many clients, Feather is now offering Follow Up sessions.  Why?

  • During an Angel Intuitive Reading a lot of guidance is given.

  • During a Reading tools (homework) to sustain the vibration are also given.

  • After a Reading we are more aligned with our intentions, dreams, hopes, and then...sometimes we forget to practice keeping our channels open to the messages from our Angels and we get off our course of action.

The Benefits of a Follow UP Angel Therapy Session

  • Re-reminds you of the promises you made to yourself during the session.

  • Re-integrates the vibrations you received.

  • Re-stimulates the desire to stay in Practice with your Angels.

  • Re-tunes your intentions.

  • Re-sizes your plans - too much too soon?  Needing more input? 

  • Re-stores your faith in the loving presence of your Angels.   

 Invite Feather to be your Follow Up partner.  Go to Request a Service to book your appointment.

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Only  $25.00 for 20 minutes.