Angel Intuitive Readings

Angel Intuitive Readings will enhance your connection to your Angels, intuition and your core beliefs.  These readings are uplifting, clear and bring much joy to your present circumstances. What is AIR and the other Question pages will give you more details.

Prices are quoted per AIR session. A session is usually 60 minutes but often goes over, however there is no additional charge. 

In person $80/session
Via Skype or Phone $70/session


Follow UP Angel Intuitive Therapy Session

(For clients who have already received a Reading)

Angel Intuitive Readings open up your consciousness to the whispers of your Angels.  Often, rapid changes take place after a Reading.  Sometimes you may fall back into patterns that do not support your desires to change. 

By bringing your Angels back into your picture' we can again help guide, redirect (if necessary) and or offer more tools towards your success.

Only $25.00 for 15-20 Minutes via Skype, FaceTime or Phone

(Go to Testimonials to read how a Follow UP session helped a client) 


New Client Introductory Session

Do you have the feeling that you want to connect with your Angels but you are not yet ready to commit to a full Reading? Would you like to build trust with Feather first and her abilities to receive messages for you?  Do you need just a quick answer or some clarity to a pounding question?  Do you need a boost of faith?  

Then... talk to Feather via Skype, FaceTime or Phone

Only $25.00  for 20 minutes. A lot can be revealed in that amount of time.


Creative Communications - in person - one to one

From anxieties to hope, a Creative Communication Session give clients a deep connection to their need to be heard, no matter what is spoken. Feather uses tried and tested creative communication skills to help release vocal 'pain' and or authentic wishes and dreams. Each session stabilizes clients intent. Unnecessary energetic cords are released that hold outdated beliefs, self-doubt and fears of being misunderstood or rejected.  If you book 3 sessions, there is a follow up session via skype given for free.

$75/1 hr
$175/3 Consultations


Meditation Sessions  - in your home

Have you ever felt inspired to bring people into your home to meditate together? When you become a host to Feather, she will give you or a loved one a FREE Angel Reading in exchange. Feather leads beautiful guided Angel Meditations that will inspire, uplift and bring joy to whoever is present.  


Self-Discovery Events, Retreats, Therapeutic Days...

Feather is a joyful, insightful and supportive person to have on your team.  Her caring and creative nature will give your event just that little bit of extra shine to make it successful. 

Contact her at to start the conversation.


Angel Prayer Poem

Feather will create a beautiful prayer/poem based on the Angel of your Birthday. This prayer/poem is sent to you via email. Speaking the name of our Angel brings us closer vibrationally to their qualities. ANIEL is a sample of someone who's birthday is on September 24



personal Poem

This poem is different than the Angel Poem Prayer. Still all that is needed is your full name and birthday. An inspired poem just for you that will bring you guidance and joy!

15$ This also makes a great gift for a birthday.

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