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February 2019 - From her heart…

Dear Friends with Angels

I love Poetry. An ageless expression. The quintessence of thought.

In this Air-Feather Newsletter, I want to honour a poet, mentor, visionary, educator and Mother to many, Dr. Natacha Kolesar. I knew her for 32 years.
When I was contemplating what to write topic to explore for  this newsletter, a strong feeling and image of her presence came to my mind's eye.  "Oh Sister Natacha (those who knew her fondly called her sister) nice to sense you."  Is it you who brought the 10 doves to the yard today?"

For me, her poetry soothes my soul and expands me  with inspiration and a thirst for my heart to open more.

Even though many of you reading this, have not heard of her, I hope you will allow her poetry to pulse your heart.  
Perhaps you might be thinking/asking 'right now? You want me to read poetry?  I am too busy to read poetry.'  

So be it.

If, on the other hand you take a few moments to immerse yourself in her verse, I am positive you will feel uplifted. I suggest you scroll slowly down and feel the wonder she ignites.  

Poetry to me is prayer. If you take time for prayer, you will love what I am sharing below.

Children of Tomorrow

Children of tomorrow!
Children of the light!

Your heart, a chalice of tenderness,
your speech, delicately woven,
your worth, opulent love,
your song, "Everlasting Peace".

The water awakens your thirst,
nourishing an oasis of beauty;
your seeds grow abundantly,
bearing a new humanity.

Honour your sleeping ancestors!
Raise monuments of forgiveness!
Your new identity
will be adorned with bountiful joy!

O children of tomorrow!

Your torch will shine like the sun,
your emblem universal,
your cathedrals made of crystal
and your achievements eternal.

I See Only Fire... 
I see only fire...
A spark, a flame of life.
From the coolness of the stone,
from an excess of love in a a single cell,
from the humble sacrifice of the burning log,
from the love letter sent to the beloved, you burst ceaselessly...

And you, tiny seed!
Who established such a fire in your heart?  
Always impassive in your intimate test,
you rise victorious in lustrous beauty!

O eternal fire!
The innocence of a snowdrop,
the modesty of violets,
the pride of narcissus,
the brilliance of a daffodil;
your large family
a flaming witness of the sacred fire
lying dormant in every seed.

And you, sumptuous trees,
to whom do you extend your arms?
When on fire,
who do you want to emulate,
while your flames generously offer themselves on the alter of Mother Earth?
What an act of grace!
And you, the heart of the cosmic tree,
you, unique as you are,
when you expand, 
myriads of stars disappear
into an optical illusion.

Do you enlighten other heavens?
Do they become the reflection of lovers' eyes?
And when the Sun sets,
we feel the touch of twilight. 
Does it diffract its light
in its movements
to let us rest
from its blinding face?
Is it not you, the one and only,
who with my happiness 
comforts hearts rendered cold
by hard times?

I see only fire...
flames of life...

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May you see the signs of Angels everywhere.

Love and Light, 
P.S.  while creating this newsletter today I had a most unusual 'feather sign' from my Angels, come to me. Curious? For this short story titled - Washed Feather? go to: 

November 2018 Newslater - A Visitation

She had finished her breakfast downstairs in the resident dining hall. I wheeled her back into her apartment at this Senior Residence.  I placed her in front of the window. She likes to look out the window. I picked up my sweater and saw a feather resting on the sleeve. I casually and innocently said, 
     "Oh nice, I found a feather on the sleeve of my sweater.  An Angel is here."  
She looked at me with alert eyes. 
    "Oh when I find a feather, I know Angels are near by." 
I said this matter of factly. Her very blue eyes sparkled at me and held me in suspended silence for 10 seconds. I felt she was wondering if I was going to say anything else, so I did…
     "I love Angels."  
     "I do too."
As our morning pattern continued, reading the daily paper – well she looks at it more than reads.  Sometimes she asks me to read a caption under a picture. Sometimes I point to a picture in the advertising section and she says the word and seems happy that it came out okay. At 87 years, she has a growing brain tumour which is effected her speech as well as walking, to name a few of her life's changes. However, she is present…her being is very, very present.  

She puts the paper down and looks out the window. I look at her anticipating that she needs something. There is a kind of wonder in her eyes. She has a hard time speaking full sentences most of the time. Often they come out quickly as if she were to wait a second longer they would not be pronounced. She blurts out ...
     "What beautiful colours." 
Her blue eyes are sparkling again. I turned around to look where she was looking. Without saying I see what you mean, which would have been a lie, as I did not see the colours, I asked her.. 
     "What colours do you see?"
She made the shape of an o with her mouth but the word was not arriving easily. 
     "Yes, orange." 
She smiled.  
     “So many".  
     "So many colours?"
     "Do you see the colour blue?" 
     "Oh yes. Lots of yellow."  
    "Do the colours look like the northern lights?  Like the Aurora…"
She interrupted me with a determination in her voice.
     "No, it’s not that."  
Silence again. She kept looking out with wonder in her eyes.
     "You are lucky to see the colours."
     "So are you."
We had a little giggle. Her giggles are affirming to her and me. She reached for a chair (that had wheels attached) and pulled it slowly to her side, and looked back out where the ‘colours were’.
      "This chair is for Richard." 
She placed her arm on the armrest of that other chair, her fingers moving as if she/they were holding hands. She looked at me to say something.
     "Thanks for sharing what you see with me."  
She gave me a smile and turned her head towards Richard.
I stopped the questions. 

I trust, I witnessed a visitation as I felt a calming and beautiful presence sitting beside her.
I trust, Angels show up when we have the faith to believe in them and their signs. 
I love Angels.


Dear Friends with Angels,
Symbolically, one can say electricity is the type of heating that corresponds to spiritualists. Why? Because true spiritualists are people who know how to connect directly to the power station of the divine world to set in motion their inner equipment. They turn on the switch and immediately feel a beneficial heat, a spiritual heat filling their heart. 
All beings have in their subtle bodies ‘equipment’ that enables them to instantly give off a beneficial heat;  but to make this equipment work they must seek contact with the divine world.  I was particularly inspired by these words: connect directly to the power station of the divine world from the above quotation from Master/Teacher Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. I thought his words to be a great way to help shape this AIR Newsletter.
How is your connection to the power station these days?  Is it rusty? Is it crisp like the fall winds? Is it plugged up like an old drain? Is your connection melting liquid gold through all your chakras? 
Have you heard the whispers of your Angels lately, coaching and inspiring you? 
Lately I am dusting out thoughts that no longer serve me.  I am putting a shine to my mind. I only want to be present to the best in myself and the best in others.  Yes I can see 'dust' on others too – symbolically speaking – but I chose to get past those images and reach for their shine.   
As you may or may not know, for the past year on a part-time basis, I work with the elderly as a Caregiver.  Last  week I was in a room at a Senior Residence – in the lock down dementia ward. They were gathered for the activity ‘bowling’. A homemade wooden long rectangle box a ‘bowling alley on wheels’ was the equipment at hand, which included ten-3 inch high pins, and two bright orange balls. While I was sitting beside my client, cheering him on (as he was considered one of the better bowlers present) I looked around at the others gathered. Oh dear...some were drooling, some lost in their minds, others constantly shaking, a few with blank stares, a few mumbling. I could have been overwhelmed with sadness at what I was seeing as this was a first for me. Instead I thought to myself this is a moment to set in action my inner equipment. I purposely looked at each person, although most gave me no eye-contact. I wondered what each of their life stories were, but knew I would never find out. I felt that the drugs that had overtaken their bodies and minds were partially cutting the links to their divine equipment. Then I imaged for each one of them, beams of light streaming into them from the 'power station'. By the time I finished this conscious intent, it was my clients turn to bowl.  I was back in another present moment, hoping he would get a 'strike 'so I could hear cheers of joy raining upon everyone present. 
Later when my shift was over I thought a lot about  dignity and compassion in action for the elderly.



Dear Friends with Angels,

Return/Returning...this is the theme I am exploring in this Newsletter, as these words have been on my mind and heart. Why do I return to some thoughts, feelings and actions? Why do certain prayers and devotional modalities call me back to them? Why does communication with the invisible world of Angels, bring me a sense of returning to a larger consciousness? Why does the weather, wherever you are, have a way of initiating conversations and or breaking silence between people, thus returning us to common ground? 

This summer here in BC the smoke and fire were constantly present - the tears of the trees - constantly returning their pain to us through harsh breathing conditions, smelly air, displacing people, animals, birds and for some hope. A daily death from destructive fires reminding us of our fragile time here on Mother Earth. 

A fragile time too, for Michele my older sister whom I have been writing about now and again this year in other Newsletters. After being told she had two short months to live on May 17, Michele returned to her Maker on July 28th, 72 days later. In my immediate family no one has passed since 1988 - that was the year my Dad transited, 30 years ago. I found myself returning to images of him, suffering as well from a lung disease, different from Michele's but still the lungs. 

Where did Michele go when she took her last breath? Where did she return too? You may have answered this question in a nano-second. Pending on your belief system, for many of you the word Heaven would have come quickly to your thoughts. And how wonderful is that word! Imagine so many people believe in Heaven that we fill ourselves with faith that this amazing place exists for all departed souls. Many of us prayed that her transition would return her to a place of peace. It has only been 36 days since she passed as I write this. This is so short a time if you think about it. Has she fully returned?

Perhaps I am questioning too much right now, but when someone close to you passes the energetic bonds between you get stirred, get re-adjusted, as they no longer can be fed the same way through that person's eyes, laughter, physical contact...typed words in an email.  

Straight up...I really miss her. I miss her tenacity. Her laughter as it was contagious. Her feistiness and her strength of character one could not ignore. I miss her questioning me. To be honest, Michele had a hard time for years to except that I trust in Angels and believe Angels are present in my life. Two days before I said goodby to her, after giving her palliative care support for two weeks, she asked me, "Hey you said you wanted to give me an Angel Reading - now is the time."  Out of the blue just like that. "I want it now!" Michele was demanding in her last days, but it was something I just got used to. I fetched 3 Oracle card decks. I knew I couldn't give her a 'full reading' so I explained briefly something about each deck.  We began. Each time I shuffled a deck I invited her to say stop and that would be the card. (Most of you know this not my normal way of giving a Reading).

The first card that showed up was Did you Ask Your Angels For Help? We laughed immediately and she shouted "Yes I did! Lets get the next card"...shuffle shuffle shuffle - "Stop!" The card - You Are Guided And Protected appears. "Oh I like that message. We laughed. The last card we stopped at was Organic food. I talked to her briefly how this Angel (Raphael) brings the healing colour of green light to someone when they are not well. "Oh, she said, "look at the walls in my house, they are painted green. I never knew that. And of course I love organic food, lately more than ever. This was nice to do with you. Thanks sister." We hugged.

I was comforted that she had opened to my belief in Angels and accepted me just a little bit more. This was a special moment for both of us. Accepting each other's reality returns us to the vastness of who we all are!  Really it does! A few days later she asked her husband to arrange for a friend of theirs to come to her Celebration of Life and sing the song - In the Arms of an Angel.  Love you Michele!


Dear Friends with Angels,

I have missed communicating with all of you.
When I landed back in BC in late April, I had to immediately jump into my theatre work with children and of course settle into my life 'style' here on the Ranch. 
I wanted to share in this Newsletter a recent wonderful goal I accomplished... I fasted for 3 days! It had been 9 years since I had last taken on this challenge. Now for some of you that may not be a big goal, nor an interesting one to reach. For me it was a goal of mind over matter. It was a fast on all kinds of levels. First of all, not eating solids I found surprisingly easy to do. I supplemented only with apple juice occasionally and water.  I listened to my body and was so surprised the most hunger pangs I felt was 15 minutes before I broke the fast with a simple soup! What I loved about this fast...was the clarity of mind and heart that I had. I was also so so present. The time went fast and I had energy for the 3 days. Only in the afternoon would I pause on the couch and read for 1-2 hours. I had no headaches or other body pains. I also at this time, 'fortunately' had internet problems so I was fasting from influences, information and my addiction to the waves. Honestly, at first this was more challenging than not to entertain my mind...then it slowly slipped away this desire to look on FB or check if I had an email, or just simple do research. Fasting allowed me to stop. And I loved it!

There is a lot of information on line on how to fast, and I could give you my technique if you write to me, that is if you are inspired by possibly 'stopping' in your life just for a few days. I can give you the guidelines I used.

l also wanted to share in this Newsletter a little about my work with children. It always amazes me how we collectively put together a theatrical production in only 6 weeks...24 hours of training. Children sharpen my intuition. They push my buttons of resistance. They tickle my heart to open wide to accept their foibles, unique personalities and testy (at times) attitudes. In my opinion, when children are in 'creative mode' with me I feel they are 'acting' from intuition. They see into the invisible and live the story way past the rehearsals. They develop their own back story of their character and another play is almost formed. They see what we are developing with so much detail and pizzazz but settle for a simple set, a few lights, a home-made costume and a welcoming audience. And then it is all over...just like that. No long goodbyes or annualizing what we did or could of done better. Sure a group photo or two and then often a simple hug and 'thank you teacher' and they are gone out of my life until the next time. Children hold space for me to be all that I am as a Theatre Director, writer and producer of children' programs and shows. When I am co-creating with them, I often see them as my Angels and my teachers. Their were 15 'angels' in the production entitled Everybody Belongs keeping me in their light and joy. I like to think that the 'baby' we co-created was birthed and becomes a seedling in their memories, their hearts and mine too. I continue to count my blessings I have the energy, inspiration and commitment to keep working with children. We have so much fun together! If you are curious you can see my work with children at

I have told you before I like writing and reading poetry. I am in the mood to include one of mine. This poem was written around the time I knew I wouldn't be able to be a Mother, as I was past the child-bearing years. I also wrote it for women who due to physical problems cannot have a baby and for those who choose not to bring a child into the world. 

                                                We are the women with sapphire womb's.
                                                A crystalline design, 
                                                a different kind of child
                                                is growing in our deepness.
                                                We are harvesting our narrative's
                                                releasing invisible seeds that offer
                                                a genetic coding
                                                somewhere in between X and Y.
                                                We are the women that belong to a family
                                                larger than one blood line.  
                                                We are an inclusive lineage,
                                                seeking sunbeams, becoming gold in our earth.
                                                We are re-defining images given to us
                                                that have bound us for too long.
                                                This is a choice we have made...
                                                to give a shape to an echoed sound.
On another note...
For those of you who receive my Newsletter and live in the Kootnays of British Columbia I am looking to co-create a wonderful monthly meditation group wherein in I can share my techniques of how to meditate with the Angels. As well I will give live demo Angel Readings to various people who gather. If this idea resonates with You...send me an email and lets manifest a wonderful Meditation group together.

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May the blessings of summer warmth and abundance bring out the best in you daily!  

Until we meet again...

Love and Light,



Dear Friends with Angels,

In my last newsletter (February 2018 see below) I shared some information about a video series called The Healing Miracle – The Truth about Stem Cells. Many of you wrote back to me and expressed your gratitude, as you knew nothing about stem cell therapy.  
I have an experience to share about this ‘miracle'.
On March 21st, my eldest sister Michele had her first Stem Cell Treatment and I was the witness.

A little background…for the past 18 months my sister has been suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension. This disease has made it very difficult for her to get oxygen into her blood stream. She is constantly short of breath, thus it makes her tire easily. For seven months she has been on a very strong drug 24/7 which is attached to her arm and ‘drips’ into her system. This drug like any, has a load of side effects – one of them being water retention. Thus her legs or ankles are often swollen, prohibiting her to go for walks, which she loves to do. Also climbing stairs is often a huge challenge. The Lung Specialist's in early March 2018 told her she may only live this year.

The experience:
Often stem cells are extracted from one's adipose (fat cells) and then put through a specific machine that seperates the cells from the fat. Well, Michele did not have enough fat on her body, for this procedure to take place. Another way to abstract the cells is from one's bone marrow. When the doctor told us this was the method he would have to use, I was a little stunned, as I remember reading this procedure could be more painful than taking the cells from the fat at one's hips.

It has never been easy for me to look at blood, or someone's open sore, or even a blackened toenail. I jiggle all over inside. I have to turn away. But, something was in 'effect' when I was the witness to Michele's treatment. The doctor asked her if she wanted to go through with the procedure. My sister said: "Of course, you can take the cells from my bone marrow. I am here. I want this done. I have nothing on it. I have been through a lot of pain, what's a little more.' The doctor assured her it would be a quick 'operation' and that he would go slow. In that moment, it was like all feelings of fear (in me) vanished. I knew I had to be stronger for my sister.

She lied down on her stomach and I held her hand. Gentle relaxing music was playing in the background. We talked about gentle music and the effect it can have on someone under stress. The doctor, even as he was preparing the needle to go into her spine, joined the conversation. I do remember I was holding her hand tighter than she was holding mine, as I watched the doctor put the first needle into her lower back to freeze the area. After five minutes he then put another long needle into her spine and connected it to a vial and slowly he took out two large vials of blood. I was looking! I didn't have those queasy feelings! I felt altered in that moment as I was connecting into the invisible world of Angels and also connecting in with the doctor's benevolent presence. I felt clarity, calm and a deep trust that all was going to go well or my sister. 
After he drew out enough blood, we waited 30 minutes while the doctor 'spun out' the stem from her blood. The nurse called us back into the therapy room. The next step was to inject her stem cells into a vein in her arm. However the vein was hard to find as her arms are quite thin. It took him two attempts to find a vein, and even though I watched this action too, I did not feel weak. This process took five minutes and her 1st stem cell therapy treatment was finished. Immediately my sister felt relief. She felt very energized and her breathing became clearer and stronger. After two hours she walked a distance that just a day earlier would not have been possible without her stopping five times!
I asked Michelle if she wanted to share something in this Newsletter. She volunteered a Poem. "I am new to writing poetry, but sometimes I get very clear moments."  Here is one of them:

Little clouds of puffiness, dabbed here and there...
at the point of a painters brush
contrasted to green tufts of forest... 
 I love the highway!

Yes Michelle is on the highway of her own miracle. She will have two more stem cell treatments within the next 2 months and she deeply knows and feels that she has made the right decision for her body. She is determined to live! I am believing along with family and many friends that she is inside her own ‘miracle'.
Today, April 3rd, is her 64th birthday. I honour her courage and determination to heal. I wish her the best year going forward.
I was a witness to an extraordinary medical procedure that is cutting edge in medicine. Medicine changes every 10 years and stem cell research and knowledge has been steadily growing with significant advances for those same 10 years plus! It is quite clear to me that Stem Cell Therapy is here to stay for a long time.  
For me, again it is clear, what you believe sustains you. What you believe in shapes your future.

On another note...

For those of you who receive my Newsletter and live in Essex County Ontario I will be giving a workshop The Grace of Intuition at White Feather Healing Arts Center in Windsor on April 5 from 7-9 p.m. Click this link to get more info.

As I am going back to my 'other home' in BC in mid – April there is one more chance to see me in person for an Angel Intuitive Readingon April 6th at White Feather Healing Arts Centre. There are a few places left. Click this link to get more info.
To all those who have supported me while I have been working and living in Ontario I extend a big energetic hug to ALL of you and in particular:  
Judith (Connections)
Ursula (Private Meditation group)
Barb and Jenni (The Dreaming Tree)
and Tracey from White Feather, who has been supporting my work for the past 4 years!  
From my heart, I thank all of you for your gracious openness to me.

May the blessings of Spring bring everyone joy, appreciation and peace in your heart.
To your miracle...

Love and Light,
P.S.  If you have a story with Angels that you wold like to share through my newsletter I would love to hear from you. Write to me at



Dear Friends with Angels,

Recently for ten days in a row, I was in such a state of curiosity as I watched a docu series called: The Healing Miracle the Truth about Stem Cells. I was SO amazed at the developments in this form of healing. The last time I had been made aware of Stem Cell Therapy was when I was living in Singapore. During that time in 2006, my boyfriend's father Mr. Tan was suffering from Leukemia. The Church he belonged to was 'promoting' an alternative doctor who was using stem cells from the client's bone marrow to treat Leukemia. Mr. Tan had a strong will to live so he 'signed on' for treatments. At that time it was a very controversial healing treatment and especially in Singapore as the Government had a firm grip on its people. But, Mr. Tan had a lot of courage. In the end his stem cell treatments prolonged his life for 3 years. 

So much has changed since then!

Taken from your own fat, from a simple procedure the stem cells already naturally present in your body have the power to heal damage caused by injury, disease, neurological decline and even the process of aging! 
Dr. Tami Meraglia (who is featured in Episode 9) is a double board certified stem cell surgeon who owns and runs a stem cell centre in Seattle has done over 5000 clinical studies with all clients having no adverse side effects. Mostly all clients took to the treatments wherein chronic pain (especially joint) had left the body in 2-4 weeks and complete mobility in 2-4 months!

Miracles of healing are happening every day with medical advancements, and with our Angels. Dr. Johnathon Landow a medical practitioner and health care entrepreneur said in the Q & A episode "I believe medicine is now becoming a Benevolent Revolution. I love these two words together...Benevolent Revolution! I think about Angels in this way.  They are benevolent and they have for years and years revolutionized people's faith in Miracles.

If you are curious to see the 1st episode of The Healing Miracle the Truth about Stem Cells here is the Link: If you want to see more episodes send me an email at and I will gladly send you the next one in the series. 

On another note...
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A client recently submitted this testimonial. 

I recently had an Angel Intuitive Reading by Feather. It was a very comforting Reading with lots of guidance. I had been going through a really hard time medically with a loved one and was really worried about his frame of mind. 
In a time like this it is very easy to lose your faith and get depressed. I called on Feather to do a ‘Follow-UP reading’. 
It was the best thing I could have asked for. It was the beginning of restoring my faith and my loved one’s health. I have had Readings before and it is hard to remember everything that is revealed to you. The follow-up Reading clarified my thinking and dispelled any doubts that I had. In order to manifest things it is essential to have strong faith.
I usually do have strong faith but it is easy to waver in a situation like I just went through. It was comforting to be able to contact Feather and have a Reading done quickly.... when I needed it most.
I thank the Angels for interceding.”  Ailsa

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I hope your life during the month of February is filled with wonder, joy and the enchanting sounds of birds returning. 

Stay curious...
Love and Light,
P.S. If you have a story with Angels that you would like to share through my newsletter I would love to hear from you. Write to me at

I support the Benevolent Revolution!